Ibi Italy

The Italian Biochemical Institute, Ibi, founded by Prof. Giovanni Lorenzini, is a pharmaceutical company with a long scientific tradition, on the Italian market for the last 90 years. Ibi is active in the development of novel therapeutic applications to offer alternative solutions in the field of medicine. Its reputation in Italy and abroad is well established. Ibi is present on the Italian market with a wide range of products, from sterile penicillins to food supplements and is particularly well known for its antibiotic therapy and in the field of gastroenterology. Thanks to its network of highly qualified scientific informers, Ibi is in direct contact with 4.000 pharmacies and 3.000 specialists, and, indirectly, with over 6000 general practitioners, through direct mailing, detailing and newsletter. Ibi’s headquarters and production site are located in Aprilia.