Etic code

In adopting the present Ethical Code, Ibi expresses its conviction that respect for the principles contained therein is the prime factor for its success in the management of company business and activities. In addition the company expresses its will to work in such a manner that the main objective of the company be that of satisfying the needs and expectations of its business partners.

Values and Objectives

  • Honesty and transparency, correct behaviour, loyalty in business, respect for the interests of all its business partners and the principles of free competition are the basis of Ibi’s way of doing business. The company therefore requires suitable behaviour in conformity with the law and company regulations from all its collaborators.
  • As producers of medicines for human health, all Ibi‘s collaborators are committed to following this main, absolute objective with maximum quality in the full awareness of the importance of medicine to the well being of people.
  • Ibi is committed to working in a responsible manner, to giving due value to its Human Resources and to protecting the environment in which it operates.
  • Ibi wishes to ensure that, through appropriate organizational tools, it is possible to prevent violations of the principles of law, transparency, correctness and loyalty on the part of its employees and collaborators and to ensure their observance and implementation.


The Ethical Code is applied to all company activities and is a point of reference for the regulations adopted by the different company managements.
Ibi assumes responsibility for making sure that all people who have relationships with the company be aware of the contents of this Code and fully understand its content and aims.

Norms and Standards of behaviour Company Regulations

  • Guidelines in policy regarding collaborators
  • The dignity and health of all those who have working relationships with the company are of primary importance as are individual and collective safety on the workplace.

Ibi is committed to offering equal opportunity employment indifferent to distinctions based on ethnical, religious, political, national, sexual, physical, age or social conditions. Ibi takes care of the technical and professional training of its employees.

Guidelines for behaviour for and between collaborators

Conformity with the law is an essential and absolute requirement for Ibi and all its collaborators. Each collaborator must be aware of the legal implications of his/her activities.
In addition to being in line with company policy, the behaviour of Ibi’s collaborators must be based on principles of collaboration, responsibility, professionalism and diligence. As regards the relationships with and between employees, the main criterion of company policy is loyalty with the continuous aim of respect for personal dignity. To this end, Ibi will not tolerate discrimination or abuse of any kind on its work premises, nor will it tolerate behaviour damaging to safety and health in the workplace due to the abuse of alcohol or drugs or menacing, abusive or violent behaviour on the part of or towards its employees during the carrying out of their work.

Duties and responsibilities

- Conflict of interest.

Ibi’s collaborators must also respect the rules detailed in this Code in relationship to external parties as follows:

  • Collaborators must inform third parties of the contents of this code in an appropriate manner so as to win respect for and understanding of their own behaviour and work.
  • Ibi’s collaborators must make sure to avoid situations able to create conflicts of interest, both real and potential, between personal and company related activities. Transparency, honesty and trust are values that must always be respected.
  • No Ibi employee may obtain personal advantages from activities carried out for the company.

Should situations of potential conflict arise, employees are required to inform their superiors as soon as possible in order to resolve the matter.

- Company information: use and safeguarding

The confidentiality of information is an asset to be safeguarded for Ibi through its employees as well. All information obtained by an employee relating to his/her job is the property of Ibi. Data regarding people is treated in respect of the laws in force regulating this matter.
Employees who come to know confidential information must use the greatest caution and care to maintain the confidentiality of such information from non authorized people both in and out of the company

  • Relations with the Public Administration, political organizations and trade unions

Only authorized functions will have relations with Public Institutions. All relations the company has with the Public Administration must respect the principles of diligence, transparency and honesty.
Correctness and integrity much characterize the behaviour of Ibi’s employees in their relations with staff and representative of public bodies, political institutions and trade unions.
Should Ibi use the services of a consultant or third party to represent it in its relations with the Public Administration, the same rules apply to such a representative as do to all Ibi employees.

Relations with health officials/clients

The behavior of Ibi employees must conform to the regulations of the “Codice Deontologico” of Farmindustria and to any other specific related regulations the company may apply.


The internal control system must aim at using instruments and methods to eliminate possible risks to the company in order to provide a reasonable guarantee regarding respect not only of the laws but also of internal regulations and procedures.
The company management is responsible for monitoring that the behavior of all employees conforms to that stated in the Code and, if necessary, carry out special monitoring programs.
The Board of Directors, the President and the Managing Director are responsible for verifying the efficacy of the internal control system.

Integration of the Code

This Code is an integration of the ‘Model for organization management, and control’ foreseen by article 6 of the law 231/2001 regarding "Discipline of the administrative responsibility of persone giuridiche".
Ibi is committed to informing all those who interact with the company of the contents of this code
Observance of the Ethical code is required of all employees and collaborators of the company without exception.


Observance of the regulations in this code constitutes part of the obligations of diligence and loyalty of Ibi employees as stipulated by articles 2104 and 2105 of the civil law code. In relation to the agreement between article 2106 of the civil law code and this code, the latter expressly refers to the regulations contained in the CCNL of the chemical industry – both in the version currently in force and in all future modifications of the same – in the matter of disciplinary actions.